How do you “POP” the Question to that Special Someone?


You’ve found the one your heart has dreamed of. You can see your future bright and clean as an early summer’s day.

Setting the mood for this upcoming proposal is important.

You chosen:


  • The Location
  • A Beautiful Bouquet of Roses
  • The Ring
  • The Day and Time

Our Mesa Limo Service can take you and your future spouse to that ideal proposal spot.

Whether you have a romantic dinner planned or you want to be taken to that special place where you first met, we have the right limousine for you

With our aim for comfortable and modern design, our limousines will create that special moment for your special words. Make this moment a memorable one.


Asking for someone’s hand in marriage is a very important step in an individual’s life. Marriage is not to be taken lightly, nor selfishly. Finding “the one” is part of one’s life journey that is satisfying and can be successful with giving attitude.

The acceptance of your wedding proposal starts your engagement and the journey to a lifelong marriage.  Celebrate in affordable luxury and start your journey in style.  Our Phoenix Metro limousine service will escort you and your soon to be fiancee to your selected locations to celebrate.

Top 3 Reasons to use a Limousine Rental Service for your Wedding Proposal:


  • Romance: Romance is key to any relationship.  Limousines give that added touch that you thought of it all.  Hint: Browny Points!
  • Less Stress:  Don’t worry about being the transportation. Allow our chauffeurs navigate the traffic while you contain your nerves and gather your thoughts.
  • Affordable Luxury:  Have the look of expensive but knowing you didn’t break the bank.  Our prices are affordable and accommodating to your limo rental needs.
How to choose the Best Spot to Propose?


Finding the best spot to “pop the question” can be a moment to ponder over.  You want to make this occasion special and something you can look back on and relay for many years to come. Now that you have chosen our Limousine Service, the next question is:  How do you decide on a location to make a wedding proposal?


A Few Yelp Local Top Rated Restaurants for Proposals:
A Few Yelp Local Top Rated Restaurants for Proposals:
  • Different Point of View
  • D’Vine Bistro & Wine Bar
Phoenix AZ Romantic Locations Perfect for a Marriage Proposal:
  • Desert Botanical Garden
  • Royal Palms Resort and Spa
  • Lawrence Dunham Vineyards